QW LAN Party in Poland

7 - 11 November 2024

Get ready for


You can find all basic informations here

Details about event

  • When: 7 - 11 November 2024
  • Entrance Fee: 250 PLN (~58 EUR)
  • Venue: Zodiak Hotel
  • Place: Radomsko, Poland

QW LAN PL 2024 is a BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) LAN event in Radomsko (southern Poland) gathering QuakeWorld players. For our foreign guests we might have some very limited number of PCs and monitors, but we cannot guarantee it for all. The LAN is taking place in a wedding hall of a hotel where you can also book the room. The organizers will pre-book rooms based on your signup preferences (we will get back to you to discuss the details).

The preferred airport for our long distance guests is KATOWICE (closest one - 95 km). Other options are WARSZAWA-RADOM (175 km), WARSZAWA (190 km), WROCŁAW (215 km) and POZNAŃ (330 km). Organizers will do their best to find you a free pick up from airport with one of other players going by car but we cannot guarantee that for all.

There will be video and photo coverage provided by BadSebiTV. We will be doing interviews, live internet broadcast and more!

Attendees limit is 100, signup now!🙂


This is our 4th party. We had

Happy Players every year

Games played

Liters of alcohol consumed

by Ponczek only


"kurwas" shouted by macler


We are organizing Duel and Team Play tournament. Duels are usually division-based and teamplay is a draft. We also had a FFA tournamet last year and we may do it again ;-)

Duels 100%
Teamplay 100%
FFA 100%
Others? 50%


Dear Colleagues, the payments for QW LAN PL 2024 are now open. In order to confirm your reservation please contact Tom (tomquake) and agree the best method to pay 250 PLN (~58 EUR) Entrance Fee (Paypal, direct bank payment, mobile payment). Your seat is confirmed once payment is completed.

Once Entrance Fee is paid you are entitled to book one of the rooms in Zodiak Hotel (1/2/3 person rooms available). Number of rooms in Zodiak hotel is limited and only first 50 colleagues will be able to book it. The rooms prices are as follow:

room type price
single room 160 PLN
double room 240 PLN
triple room 340 PLN

When all rooms in Zodiak Hotel will be taken organizers will arrange Zameczek Hotel (approx. 2 km from Zodiak Hotel) with the same prices as in Zodiak.

All QW LAN PL 2024 attendees are asked to join QW LAN PL 2024 Discord Server. In case of any questions regarding payments or rooms please contact Tom (tomquake)


You have been registered. Thank you!

Signed-up Users

Here you can find users that have already signed up for this event.

# Order of Sign-Up Nick Name Presence [%] Paid?
1 ponczek 100 entrance fee
2 Shamcio 100 entrance fee
3 Er 100 entrance fee
4 pooll 100 entrance fee
5 lolek 100 entrance fee
6 cor (r) 99 entrance fee
7 AiRman 100 entrance fee
8 K4T 100 entrance fee
9 Gawlo 100 entrance fee
10 Pitbull 100 entrance fee
11 MajQ 80 entrance fee
12 M242 100 entrance fee
13 mj23 100 entrance fee
14 plast (4) 88 entrance fee
15 myca 90 entrance fee
16 badsebitv 100 no
17 Dragon 100 entrance fee
18 gosciu 100 entrance fee
19 Tom 100 entrance fee
20 plate 100 entrance fee
21 Riki 99 entrance fee
22 vampir 100 entrance fee
23 Macler 7 no
24 Hooraytio 100 entrance fee
25 eQu 95 no
26 XantoM 100 entrance fee
27 Thunder 100 entrance fee
28 Toma 95 entrance fee
29 Tjall 99 entrance fee
30 Kerik 99 entrance fee
31 Rotker 19 entrance fee
32 goniec 69 entrance fee
33 ParadokS 95 no
34 anni 100 entrance fee
35 Szturm 100 entrance fee
36 kane 99 entrance fee
37 andy 100 entrance fee
38 Loczeni 99 entrance fee
39 samon 90 entrance fee
40 pattah 99 entrance fee
41 Link 99 entrance fee
42 rghst 99 entrance fee
43 lurq 27 entrance fee
44 Ironman 100 entrance fee
45 Maks 75 no
46 ok98 90 entrance fee
47 Si7H 99 no
48 blassy 90 no
49 *]WrONkA[* 69 entrance fee
50 szalonazaba 50 no
51 dago 80 no
52 floc 95 no
53 PreMorteM 100 entrance fee
54 TiMMi 100 entrance fee
55 Baresi 100 entrance fee
56 tr0ll 100 entrance fee
57 TheChosenOne 100 entrance fee
58 j0rmund 99 no
59 Azael 100 entrance fee

Terms of service

Some basic rules that applies to all participants of the event. Remember to behave, have fun and play as much quake as you can!

  • We are collecting basic information about your connection (IP etc)
  • This event is private invite-only closed LAN Party (if you made it to the final list you will receive notification and will be asked to pay your entrance fee)
  • The organizers reserve the right to change the Terms of Service
  • We are not exposing any of registered data to public other than your nick name and % confidence you will showup on event
  • This event will be covered by media: BadSebiTV. During registration process you will be asked to permit or deny consent to publish you image on social media etc.
  • If you wish to unsubscribe, please contact Tom on discord
  • This event is for 18+ users only!
  • All signed up users are requested to join our discord server
  • By registering here, you are accepting all terms of use and participation


You can find movies, demos, interviews and in-game coverage done in previous years. Have fun!

  • All
  • Trailers
  • Interviews
  • Web Cam
  • Gameplay
  • Photos

Radomsko 2022 trailer by BadsebiTV

Radomsko 2022 trailer by Thunder

Macler interviewd by Thunder

Webcam view

maCLer vs equ group stage map 1 DM6 1v1 invite tournament

er vs Tom semi final map 2 DM2 1on1 invite tournamnet